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Herschel: Timeless Design and Attention to Detail

In the Canadian village of Herschel, brothers Jamie and Lyndon Cormack founded the design-oriented company "Herschel" in 2009. The timeless design with a passion for detail quickly found its fans all over the world and is now sold all over the world. The range mainly includes backpacks, but also travel bags and accessories for young customers. Leather straps, the retro logo and the brand name stand for an American design.

"Little America" is the name of the model for which Herschel is known. A classic backpack with a flap and front pocket that impresses with its simple, timeless design. The leather straps that run vertically across the backpack are an eye-catcher. This model is available in a variety of colours and patterns - with such a colour palette, there is surely something for everyone. With 23 litres of volume and a laptop compartment for up to 15", this backpack is also the perfect companion for school or university.