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These all-rounders add a casual spring to your step: Shoulder bags are absolute must-haves for any wardrobe. An understated shoulder strap brings out that little bit of extra functionality in a handbag or shoulder bag, because a cross-over bag will free your hands on those super stressful days.


A shoulder bag can take virtually any shape or colour; it can be made of leather, look splendid in cotton, or come in wind and weatherproof canvas. They can look exceptional, luxurious, or playful – exactly the way its wearer wants it to look.


Most of the bags at Lieblingstasche are of course hybrids that don't want to do without a practical shoulder strap. This functional detail allows the wearer to adapt each bag to whatever is needed right there and then – and the bag will become a trusted companion that everyone wants.


Let us enchant you with an eclectic selection of our most beautiful shoulder bags! 

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