Mrs. Strawberry Muffin
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Mrs. Plum Pie
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Lady M M Tote
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The handbag is an evergreen classic among accessories. The styles, sizes and designs count in the millions: Round, square, delicate, sturdy, in leather or fabric – handbags have been there in so many different shapes and sizes that they have long since shed their image of being a purely practical item. Today, handbags express lifestyle, and they are at home in the great metropolitan centres of our world just as much as they are on a sunny beach, in the mountains, or at the market place of a picturesque small town. 
Handbags cater to the basic need of every woman to be prepared for any eventuality, i.e. taking along all kinds of bits and bobs. Smartphone, coin purse, a novel, and a lipstick must fit into this most trusted companion of very woman.
Every woman loves handbags – if she admits it or not. Handbags are stylish companions, must-have accessories, our saviour in crisis situations, at our side come rain or shine, and so amazingly versatile that every single woman will have a perfect handbag waiting for her.
What does a handbag mean to you? Tell us on Facebook.com/lieblingstasche. We are looking forward to hearing your thoughts! 
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