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Pretty, gorgeous shoulder bag. These dream bags are quickly thrown over one shoulder for a casual stroll. The shoulder straps on these bags are super comfortable and make the heaviest load easy to carry. 


But shoulder bags are not just work horses, they are just as much at home at elegant occasions. A robust leather strap is easily replaced with a slinky chain, creating a glittering eye-catcher that will be perfect for any dinner party.


Shoulder bags are super versatile and beautiful companions that will come in handy wherever you go: Off to the gym or going on holidays? Are you about to attend an important business meeting or just out shopping with the girls?


We are sure to have your next favourite bag right here in our selection. Will it be one of the darling creations by Liebeskind Berlin, or possibly one by aunts & uncles ? Or did one of the beauties by FREDsBRUDER steal your heart? What about one of the classics by BREE? The choice is yours!


The Lieblingstasche team hopes you will have plenty of fun looking at all the most beautiful shoulder bags the world has ever seen!

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